Case Study – Falmouth Toyota


Falmouth Toyota

Following a number of incidents of attempted theft, Falmouth Toyota decided to install the Netwatch system in early 2012. Falmouth Toyota located in Bourne, Massachusetts in Cape Cod is one of the premier dealerships in the region. The Falmouth Toyota premises has both a car showroom and a car service centre. With many valuable parts such as registration plates, satellite navigation systems, CD players, aluminium wheels and other components stored in this facility it is a prime target for opportunistic criminals.

“We installed the Netwatch System in Falmouth following a wave of incidents” says Matt Murphy, General Manager, Falmouth Toyota

“Netwatch provides me with peace of mind that I did not have and could not have had cost effectively before”

“There have been a number of incidents since the Netwatch system has been installed, with all intruders immediately fleeing on receipt of a Netwatch audio warning and the frequency of intruders becoming less and less as they realise our four acre site is now securely protected by Netwatch”


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