Home Break-Ins Often Occur While a Family Member is at Home

When considering the consequences of a home break-in, most of us think first about what possessions we would lose. Sure, valuables like jewelry, computers, and other electronics can be covered by insurance, but some sentimental items are much harder to replace. Next, we consider the damage that could be done to the property in the process of the break in. Lastly; the hassle of the cleanup, like replacing locks and insurance claims. Netwatch can prevent your home from being burgled

But what about the safety of your family?

Recent studies revealed that almost a quarter of break-ins occur while a family member is at home. Intruders have the potential to not only steal your most valued belongings but also frighten and threaten those inside the house.

Obviously some homes are more tempting to thieves than others. Homes that located on quiet streets with minimal traffic tend to be particularly attractive to intruders. Other factors include heavy foliage cover, proximity to access routes, poor lighting and the lack of a security system.

Unfortunately most break-ins occur when homeowners have presented burglars with an opportunity, like an unlocked window. Think like a thief and take a walk around your property to assess it for weak spots. When you know your weak spots you can look at ways of reinforcing them.

Of course a lock should always be your first line of defense. Beyond that, a monitored security system is one of the most effective measures. Taking some simple steps to increase the security of your home will help you give peace of mind that the people and things that matter most to you are protected.

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