How It Works

The Netwatch system is a remote monitoring and surveillance service designed to protect your property and your valuable assets. The Netwatch cameras and intruder detector devices are installed at your premises and Intervention Specialists in the Netwatch Communication Hub detect attempted crimes at your home or commercial property and intervene by stopping intruders before a crime can take place using live audio warnings.

Here’s How the Netwatch System Works:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

CCTV camera detecting motion Intruder climbing fence detected Communication Hub response Intruders warned off by live reponse Onsite security takes over
Cameras & Veritas detection software protect your property, detecting any activity on your site. When activity is detected, live footage of that incident is transmitted to the Communication Hub. Our team of Intervention Specialists in the Communication Hub respond immediately and take the appropriate agreed action. We issue live personalised audio warnings causing the intruder to leave immediately. The Communication Hub stay live with the site, keeping Police and key holders up to date. We can open gates remotely and operate lighting, etc.

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