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NETWATCH has already been servicing specialty industries like:

— Auto Dealerships

The statistics are alarming.  Nearly 700,000 vehicles are stolen every year in the US, with 4 out of 10 of these thefts occurring at a dealership.  That is why theft — and vandalism, too — are such major concerns for dealerships.  Liability issues have dealerships needing to prevent trespassers from entering their premises and potentially harming vehicles.
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— Cannabis Cultivation & Dispensary Businesses

It is extremely important for businesses in the Cannabis industry to adhere to the stringent regulatory security requirements, as it is frequently tied to the granting of permits and licenses.  So owners of cultivation facilities and dispensaries need to ensure that their sites, employees and inventory are secure and well protected.
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— Mining & Materials/Aggregates Businesses

For liability — as well as health and safety reasons — Metals & Mining businesses want to prevent trespassers from entering their sites and harming themselves and/or potentially stealing or vandalizing the heavy equipment onsite.
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— Warehousing & Logistics Businesses

Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution facilities are expected to keep inventories safe and secure.  Whether your site’s activity and traffic level is sporadic or bustling, it is always important to keep business moving by stopping incidents of disturbance, vandalism and shrinkage.
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— Utilities & Power Generation Businesses

Many utility sites, like substations — which are inherently vulnerable as they are often in open, remote locations — are prone to break-ins, vandalism, theft and sabotage.  For liability, the NERC regulatory compliance changes and even copper wire theft reasons, it is important to prevent trespassers from entering these sites.
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Click these links to download sheets with more industry-specific information.

For Auto Dealerships

For the Canna-Business Industry

For the Mining & Materials Industry

For the Warehousing & Logistics Industry

For the Utilities & the Power Generation Industry

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