Kevin Lowe Settling Into Our New York Office


With the recent opening of the New York office, the first person to move in was Kevin Lowe, Regional Sales Manager who held the same role as part of our Irish sales team. He says that the help he has received from the HQ in Carlow and the Boston has helped ease the transition and he sees a great market for the Netwatch system in New York. He also says, “There is a great Irish community in Pearl River where the office is based, with some very strong Carlow connections which helps in terms of getting set up and settled in”.


He acknowledges that the biggest challenge the new office faces is getting Netwatch’s message out there. There is a big need for the Netwatch system in the market, but the challenge is “making people aware that such an advanced system is available at such a cost effective rate”. He credits the groundwork done by the Boston office in this area with helping when a new office is opening 4 hours down the road. On a personal level he says that “driving on the wrong side of the road has taken some getting used to as well as finding my way around the New York and New Jersey highways and by-ways (God bless the GPS!)”.

Kevin achieved his first deal in New York on his first meeting and he says installing the first Netwatch system since he arrived has been the highlight of his time there so far. The customer in question had a problem with his commercial vehicles being broken into during the night. “He was delighted to find a solution that would prevent this from happening in the future saving him a lot of money and stress in the process”, Kevin states.

Kevin says that the most important principle he learned at Netwatch Ireland that he’s brought with him to Netwatch USA is to always put the customer first. He believes this is a core part of the Netwatch culture and key to the fantastic service we provide. “Seeing first-hand the service that is provided in the Communications Hub and across all departments in Ireland gives you the confidence that you are selling a service that is above and beyond what is currently available in the asset protection market” he says.

In New York, Kevin hopes to “firmly establish this office as an integral part of the Netwatch global footprint and follow in the footsteps of the Boston team by introducing the Netwatch system to thousands of businesses across the tri-state area”.

We at Netwatch have every faith that he will do just that!

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