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Other security companies record unwanted activity, NETWATCH PREVENTS IT.

Traditional CCTV systems do not prevent any unwanted activity on your sites, they simply record it. Netwatch intervenes before an intrusion is committed by visually detecting and then deterring intruders with live personalized audio warnings.

Many utility sites, like substations — which are inherently vulnerable as they are often in open, remote locations — are prone to break-ins, vandalism, theft and sabotage. For liability, the upcoming NERC regulatory compliance changes and even copper wire theft reasons, it is important to prevent trespassers from entering these sites. However, CCTV cannot do this and security guards typically have such large geographical areas to cover that they aren’t able to respond immediately to incidents. In contrast, Netwatch visually detects suspicious activity, deters the individuals with live personalized audio warnings and calls in law enforcement.

Netwatch is setting a new standard for Utility Security.

Netwatch Managed Service is a true turn-key solution whereby every aspect of the system — which utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and proprietary advanced-grade software — is owned, installed, maintained and operated by Netwatch all for a unique “rental” fee, eliminating any large capital outlays.

• No need for coordinating with several companies — Netwatch is your single security vendor.
• No need for large upfront purchases — Netwatch owns the system’s hardware and software.

     > Netwatch’s best-in-class hardware utilizes high-definition IP technology for the sharpest image quality.
     > Netwatch’s own state-of-the-art VERITAS video detection software identifies intruders day or night, in any
weather, filtering out false alarms caused by environmental conditions like wind, rain, spiders, birds, etc…

     > CRATOS alarm management system was created by Netwatch to perform thousands of intelligent decision-
making actions in seconds to ensure that Intervention Specialists can respond in the fastest time possible.

• No surprise upgrade or service fees — You just pay a fixed “rental” fee.
• No “one-size-fits-all” solution — A comprehensive site survey and security audit, in combination with your list of needs and wants, determines your design.
• No responsibility for maintenance — Besides daily system health checks and continuous pings to check connections, Netwatch also performs regular onsite system maintenance.
• No worries — The Netwatch team is available 24/7/365.

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