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Netwatch for Business

Netwatch deploys the most advanced remote CCTV monitoring technologies including audio visual detection, personal protector equipment and wireless perimeter security cordons in order to protect your business and valuable assets.

The nature of the Netwatch system gives business owners complete peace of mind as:

  • Netwatch’s CCTV security cameras protect your property detecting any unwanted activity on your commercial site.
  • If any activity is detected, live footage of that incident is transmitted directly to our Communication Hub.
  • Our team of Intervention Specialists in the Communication Hub respond immediately and take the agreed appropriate action.
  • Live audio warnings are issued, in most cases causing the intruder to leave immediately.
  • The Communication Hub stay live with the site, keeping the authorities and key holders up to date.

Netwatch designs, installs and continuously upgrades the technology they believe best suits the layout of your premises ensuring absolute protection at all times.


Netwatch can provide private residents with a security system which can unobtrusively visually monitor the perimeter of your home around the clock.

  • Netwatch cameras protect your home, detecting any intruders on your premises.
  • When the security perimeter is breached, live footage of the attempted break-in is transmitted to the Communication Hub.
  • Intruders are then challenged by a personalized audio warning, which in the majority of cases is sufficient to deter criminal behavior.
  • In all other cases intervention specialists can alert and guide the police to the exact locations of the intruders.

Netwatch technologies are discrete and aesthetically designed. We use software detection systems which work through our cameras and which are designed to blend in with the appearance of your home. We can also provide additional layers of security, such as 24-7 panic buttons, which can be strategically placed around your home.

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