Netwatch Business Solutions, Remote CCTV monitoring with live audio warnings - Deters criminal activity on your site

Netwatch Business Solutions offers remote CCTV Monitoring with live audio warnings for all types of commercial businesses. The most important asset which needs to be protected in any business organization is the lives and safety of all employees. Netwatch deploys the most advanced remote CCTV monitoring technologies currently on the market, including audio visual detection systems, personal protector equipment and wireless perimeter security cordons to ensure a clients business property is securely protected at all times.

Building and skyline Security guard asleep infront of vault Keep out warning sign on fence

How the Netwatch Business Security System Works

The Netwatch system is remotely managed by Intervention Specialists at the Communication Hub. Netwatch intervene as soon as security is breached alerting the intruder to the fact that they are being watched and that the Police have been informed.

The Netwatch Business Security System gives complete peace of mind to business owners as:

• Intruders are detected before they reach your property and any potential damage is avoided

• Live personalized audio warnings are used to deter criminal activity

• Intrusions are always visually verified to avoid false alarms

The Netwatch Business Security System offers a cost effective, accountable security solution for any business premises. Netwatch utilizes the latest technologies, proven across thousands of Netwatch customer sites, and remotely monitors your premises around the clock on a Managed Service basis. We tailor all packages to suit your commerical needs; just contact us today!

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