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Netwatch for Private Residents

Netwatch provides home owners with a system which can unobtrusively visually monitor the perimeter of their residence around the clock. Security guards can be costly and can be subject to intimidation and corruption. They are unable to monitor an entire premises at once, and the quality of their service can be subject to human error. In contrast, the Netwatch System offers home owners a cost effective, round-the-clock security solution, which gives complete peace of mind that their valuable assets and the safety of their loved ones is securely protected.

With Netwatch, Intervention Specialists remotely monitor your premises 24-7 and detect immediately when an intruder crosses the perimeter of your grounds, or jumps your boundary wall, fence or gate. This system gives vital early warning, allowing our Intervention Specialists to take the next step which is usually to warn off these criminals with an audio warning. The local police are notified and our Intervention Specialists can quickly guide the respondents to the exact location of the intruders.

The Netwatch Communication Hub monitor every aspect of the system on a constant basis, from each device to the software, phone lines, etc. to ensure that the system runs in the background without any need for intervention by the home owner.

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Additional Features for Private Residents

Additional security such as 24-7 panic buttons can be placed throughout a client’s home, or in their vehicles, to provide them with an additional layer of security if desired. Netwatch also has the technical capabilities to protect and track high value items such as vehicles or boats.

Netwatch technologies are aesthetically designed and can be discretely placed around your home to blend in with the appearance of your private residence.

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