Two Men Attempting to Break into a Private Residence

In this clip, two men are attempting to break into a private residence during the night time. This residence, however, have their Netwatch System armed and the Intervention Specialists in the Communication Hub identify these intruders as they approach. As they try and break into the home, the two men are advised that they are trespassing on private property and that the Police have been called. On hearing this warning the two men flee the yard and a potential break-in is avoided.

Two Men Attempting to Break Through the Gate of a Commercial Business

In this clip, it just after 9 pm and the Netwatch Communication Hub detects two men trying to gain entry to a commercial property, using a crow bar. The two men are issued with a live audio warning by Netwatch Intervention Specialists advising them to leave the area immediately. The pair flee the scene on hearing the warning and any potential damage or theft is avoided.

Three Youths Enter a Private Premises

In this clip, three young kids have entered a private site which is potentially dangerous due to its close proximity to a river. The kids are issued a live audio warning advising them to leave the site immediately. On hearing the warning they run from the scene.

Netwatch Thermal Cameras

In this clip Netwatch use Themeral Cameras to detect a man attempting to reach the perimeter of a private residence. Despite the fact that it is night time and dark outside, these cameras can detect such intruders from up to 1 mile away. Using thermal cameras, Netwatch can proactively deter potential criminals and alert the authorities before an intruder reaches the perimeter of a private residence.

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