Who We Are

In February 2012, Netwatch launched its North American headquarters in Boston, MA expanding its global footprint to four continents. Netwatch currently employs over 130 staff worldwide and has clients across Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and the USA. Since its inception in Ireland in 2003, Netwatch have prevented more than 35,000 crimes and currently monitor in excess of 27,000 cameras across the globe.

Netwatch Co-Founders Niall Kelly & David Walsh Netwatch Team Photo Watertown Group picture of the Netwatch team

Netwatch’s technology and service is unique. It proactively protects a customer’s premises using live audio warnings to ward off intruders. Netwatch deploys the most advanced video processing technologies to alert its Communication Hub to unacceptable behavior on a clients’ property. Intervention Specialists direct operations through remote CCTV monitoring and intervene as soon as security is breached by verbally alerting intruders they are being watched with a personalized warning, i.e. “You in the grey hoodie by the dumpster, remove yourself. The authorities have been called and are on their way”. In the majority of cases, the intruders leave the premises upon hearing the audio warning – preventing the crime in question from ever taking place. In all other circumstances, the local police are notified and our Intervention Specialists are able to give them insight into the situation and location of the intruders before they arrive.

To reduce cost, the Netwatch system has been proven to be more effective than CCTV, an alarm, and a security guard combined, as it allows visual recognition to determine a real crime from a false alarm. Netwatch also has global detection capabilities, meaning that regardless of where the property is located, the notification system connects with the Communication Hub securely and efficiently so the Intervention Specialists have ample time to notify authorities.

Netwatch Communication Hub

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