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The Netwatch mission is “to create a fearless environment for our clients”. Netwatch are currently the only company who will design, sell, install, commission, monitor and maintain a remotely monitored CCTV system. Netwatch currently protect over 2,600 client sites across the globe.

Netwatch staff have worked on some of the most prestigious contracts in the world, from the homes of high net worth individuals to large commercial contracts. Netwatch promote the ideal of superior customer service throughout the organizations’ operations and all Netwatch staff operate with a polite, courteous, neat and efficient attitude towards their work and their customers at all times.

Hands holding globe Group picture of the Netwatch team Customer Service survey

Read some of our satisfied customer’s comments:

“The Netwatch System provides me with peace of mind that I have not had and could not have cost effectively afforded before. The team on both sides of the ocean has been a pleasure to work with and I was very surprised at how easy the transition was.”

Matt Murphy, Owner, Falmouth Toyota, MA

“Our experience with Netwatch has been positive. The installation of their monitoring equipment was handled in an efficient and timely manner. I have been impressed by the level of customer service within Netwatch and particularly the details provided to me when there has been an attempted intrusion, nuisance or anti-social behaviour at the site. The Netwatch system has been effective in securing the assets on the site. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending the Netwatch system”

Lorcan O’Connor, Deloitte.

“The management team have been extremely happy with the results from the Netwatch system. We achieved all our objectives with the introduction of the system and it was particularly pleasing to be able to improve overall site security and reduce our overall cost by 33% with potential for further savings down the line. I would be happy to recommend Netwatch to be considered as a partner where there is a requirement to protect valuable installations or property.”

Jed O’Callaghan, Kerry Group

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