R&D Cratos


The Netwatch CRATOS System was developed by the Netwatch Research and Development department at our Cúram House Headquarters, Ireland, in partnership with one of Europe’s leading software development houses. CRATOS is a companywide software programme which allows Netwatch to manage the flow of live incidents from thousands of Netwatch sites worldwide, as well as allowing them to streamline and integrate workflows across the entire organisation. The CRATOS platform comprises a number of components: Cratos Open Platform

COPS: CRATOS Open Platform System

This aspect of the system is a unified graphical user interface which combines a number of screens and platforms in the Communication Hub (where live incidents are received and Intervention Specialists verify intrusions and issue live audio warnings to prevent a crime from taking place) to a single screen. The system can prioritise different event classifications received from Netwatch sites worldwide, performing thousands of intelligent decision making actions automatically within seconds. It provides reporting to client databases as per client requirements and it ensures that hundreds of various scenarios from different sites are handled in a uniform scalable manner allowing incidents to be managed remotely by the Netwatch Intervention Specialists to the highest standards.

SCOPE: Site Checker Open Platform Environment

By using advanced applied imaging technologies, Netwatch ensures that customer’s sites are protected 100% of the time by automating the quality check of all Netwatch’s on-site systems in real time. This allows Netwatch to check and confirm every hour that each customer site is live and fully protected. This system can also detect the location of the cameras and can measure if they have been tampered with or moved.

CARS: CRATOS Alarm Reduction System

Netwatch have also developed industry beating algorithms to reduce substantial nuisance alarms, thereby ensuring only true alarms from customers’ sites are handled quickly and efficiently. Netwatch technology has the ability to distinguish between a true alarm trigger where an intruder is attempting to commit a crime and elements such as spiders and driving rain which may trigger traditional CCTV alarm systems. CARS can classify images according to their data content such as the presence of vehicles, people and animals.


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