R&D Veritas


VERITAS Detection SystemThe VERITAS system will accept video from any existing cameras, be they IP, Analog, Thermal, etc. and alert the Intervention Specialists in the Netwatch Communication Hub, where these alarms are processed by our proprietary CRATOS software, to any unusual behavior. Netwatch have developed our award winning VERITAS video detection system, whereby images from your cameras are analyzed by our next generation processors to detect any unauthorized movement.

This system is designed to detect any human/vehicular movement on site, based on data parameters transcribed to each individual camera view. The detection method is thus combined with the camera view which eliminates the need for a separate detection device at each camera location.

The VERITAS intelligent protection system can:

• Detect intruders crawling, hidden behind foliage, or in complete darkness.

• Discern between animals, moving trees, human forms, thus significantly reducing the frequency of false alarms.

• Automatically move “zoom” cameras to track intruders.Send a warning if people are congregating or loitering in public areas near your premises.

• Allow you to create “no go” areas within your property while allowing access to “go” areas for your family and friends.


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