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As market leaders, innovation is part of everything we do. We are investing heavily in R&D to bring the future of security to our customers today. Netwatch believe that continuous investment in Research & Development will position us for future growth not only in the US, but in overseas markets and will afford us the opportunity to protect our customers and their properties to the highest possible standards.

The Netwatch research and development team have developed a suite of products specifically designed to create the most effective detection and transmission products at the cutting edge, to ensure the most reliable intrusion detection and alarm transmission for all of our clients. These technologies are designed to filter out repetition and false positives, thus, providing an exceptionally rapid response to real intrusions.

In 2009, the Netwatch Visual Labs was set up to create an internal Research & Development capability within Netwatch. The company have partnered with a team of researchers from CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies at Dublin City University to spearhead continuous innovation and improve our product offering and services through the creation of world-beating technology.




CRATOS Open Platform   VERITAS Detection System
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