Close up of eyeOur proprietary software ensures information received from thousands of different sites across the globe is handled in a uniform and scalable manner allowing incidents to be managed remotely by the Netwatch Intervention Specialists to the highest standards. The technology utilized in our Communications Hub prioritises different event classifications received from sites, performing thousands of intelligent decision making actions automatically, within seconds.Netwatch is passionate about utilising emerging technologies in order to maintain our competitive edge. Since its inception in 2003, Netwatch has implemented huge technological advancements and constantly strive to be thought-leaders and innovators in the security field. To date, Netwatch have invested more than $500,000 in its research and development capability by utilizing advanced real time imaging technologies Netwatch ensures a customer’s site is protected 100% of the time.

Netwatch have developed an internal suite of software products designed to filter out repetition and false alarms, thus, providing an exceptionally rapid response to real intrusions. “Many traditional monitored alarm systems are outdated, or obsolete, because site inspections by the police, a key holder or security guard are still necessary to determine if an emergency exists” says Netwatch Group CEO David Walsh. Netwatch has partnered with a team of researchers from CLARITY: Centre for Sensor Web Technologies at Dublin City University to develop a new alarm reduction system which uses applied imaging technologies to decipher the alarm images received at the Netwatch Communication Hub. This new technology is now integrated into the company’s remote visual surveillance solution and is used by clients in the US, Ireland, the UK, Africa and the Middle East.

Netwatch has emerged as a world leader in quickly and accurately responding to alarm triggers, and in cutting down repetition and false alarms. The R&D team continue to look toward technological advances as they believe being market makers rather than followers gives the company the edge in delivering a customer driven service to each of their clients.

Map of the world on hands Netwatch team in front of screens Close up of circuit board Connecting comunication cables

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