3 Ways to Keep Your Car Wash “Clean” from Crime

3 Key Ways to Keep Your Car “Clean” from Crime

Car wash crimes happen on the regular. Think about it: car washes are a cash-heavy business, generally have an open and inviting setting, and people come and go constantly. This can be a recipe for disaster. In addition to theft, they also face would-be-no-gooders who end up vandalizing highly expensive equipment. Who doesn’t remember as a kid thinking all the cool brushes and multi-colored foam would be so much fun to play with?

But car washes are serious business. The industry was  worth an estimated $33 billion in 2018 and was  expected to grow at a rate of 3.2 percent annually leading up to 2025. The majority of car washes, nearly 90 percent, are owned and operated by small business owners.  And get this: there are more than 60,000 car washes in the country, many with separate locations.

We think getting your car washed is fun (check out those shiny rims!) But sadly, criminals aren’t as enjoyable. They tend to end up causing  serious damage, and what happens when parts are damaged? The car wash profitability comes to a screeching halt. A car wash can lose up to $5,000 every day the business is closed waiting for expensive repairs. So, how can we avoid this? We have three big ideas to help protect your business:

Security Surveillance System with Strategically Positioned Cameras

We at Netwatch understand better than anyone the need for a strong video surveillance system, especially, in this case, for car washes. Your employees and security guards can’t have eyes everywhere at once, and they shouldn’t need to. Instead, let us strategically position our security cameras supported by our proactive video monitoring  to do the heavy lifting for you. Together, we can collaborate to keep your valuable assets and equipment safe from harm.

Locks and Lighting

Concerning the risks of break-ins and vandalism, we need to ensure that we are proactive in limiting access to sensitive facilities and that includes preventing criminals from being  where they don’t belong. This should come as no surprise, but properly securing the potential entry points that criminals may use to enter your buildings or your perimetr is an effective way of deterring them from further action. A good way to go about doing this would be to lock these entry points, as well as properly light them so that your video  surveillance investment can take care of the rest.

Last but not least, Proactive Video Monitoring

Using our proactive video monitoring, our security specialists actively monitor the cameras in place not just to react to crimes already happening, but to prevent the crimes that have not yet been committed, thus eliminating the need for costly repairs and replacements. Transform you operations to become more proactive. We’re just the partner to get you there.

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