Dumpster Divers Beware: Avoiding Dumpster Fees as A Retailer

For retailers, maintaining a dumpster following local waste disposal regulations is more important than one might think. Trash can pile up quickly, and garbage day may come multiple times a week, depending on the location – so dumpsters must remain open for garbage trucks to collect. However, when dumpsters are also made vulnerable to nosy passersby who can’t pass on the opportunity to seek out “perfectly good” garbage or leave their personal trash behind, this can become a severe challenge for retailers.

A Garbage Deal for Retailers

Occasionally, individuals desperately need to expel large items cluttering their homes, and broken televisions, broken bed frames, and poorly built foreign bookshelves are just a few examples. The problem, however, is that there isn’t always a convenient place to throw away these cumbersome items, so nearby residents might find themselves illegally placing their old furniture next to dumpsters outside local retail shops, blocking access to the dumpster in the process. This, in turn, causes challenges for retailers, as garbage collection doesn’t tend to waste time on dumpsters that they can’t access, which means trash will only be collected once the owner deals with the debris.

One way retailers might attempt to solve this problem is by installing a barrier to keep out illegal dumpers, such as fences and gates with locks surrounding the dumpster. The problem with this, however, is that if these D.I.Y. solutions block the dumpster from garbage collectors and illegal dumping, garbage trucks will once again pass the dumpster by until it is made accessible for their collection.

In these scenarios where dumpsters are not made accessible for pickup by garbage collectors, acquiring support from waste disposal companies to make up for these lost collection days often comes with a hefty price tag. For retailers, this can put a noticeable dent in their finances. On top of this, the more oversized, bulkier items that get dumped next to dumpsters illegally will cost retailers even more, to remove them, as collection companies often have a restrictive size limit for waste pickups.

PVM as A Solution to Costly Dumpster Fees

When it comes to ensuring that dumpsters are correctly maintained, kept accessible to garbage collectors, and remain unburdened by illegal dumping and excessive loitering, a round-the-clock watchful eye is the best solution – and proactive video monitoring (PMV) is up to the challenge. The most significant way that PVM can help retailers avoid these hefty fines is by ensuring that only those who need access to the dumpsters will have it – including trash collectors and staff members. Excessive loiterers and those attempting to dump their garbage illegally, however, will be met with a live audio warning letting them know that they should keep moving or find themselves with a fine of their own from law enforcement – which is a proven effective deterrent.

In 98% of these cases, intruders flee without further incident, all because we’ve had eyes on the suspicious actors since they arrived on the scene. This best-case scenario leaves retailers with a cost-effective, secure solution and abundant peace of mind.