The Netwatch System

The Netwatch Security System - Proactive Video Monitoring

How much does the Netwatch security system cost?

Every site is different, as the Netwatch System is a customized security system. The costs involved depend on the number of detection zones necessary to secure the area, and if there is a need for additional features for the site.


Will I need broadband to get a Netwatch Security System?

The Netwatch security system requires a reliable broadband connection.

What is the difference between the Netwatch System and traditional Security Systems?

The Netwatch System provides Proactive Video Monitoring. The system is looking for unusual activity on an armed site and will only respond when necessary. This security system will help eliminate those false alarms that are a huge burden on people.

The system is powered by proprietary software, Cratos, that is the intelligence of the system. Cratos detects the unusual activity, decides if it is a real threat and once it is confirmed then passes it off for human intervention. Along with this the software will conduct system health-checks to ensure an effective security system at all time.

With some of the fastest response times in the industry mean that the Netwatch System can react and intervene faster than other systems. This is possible because our proprietary detection and transmission software allows us to streamline the monitoring process.

Preventing crime rather than just recording it.

Is someone looking at my site all of the time through the cameras?

The Netwatch system is recording at protected sites 24/7, and this is saved for predetermined time. There is not an individual watching a client site 24/7. Once the security system is armed the Netwatch software, Cratos, knows to look for unusual activity at this site. If any rules are broken e.g. someone attempts to cross the perimeter or open a restricted door, Cratos sends an alert to an Intervention Specialists in a Monitoring Centre within seconds. At this time someone will move to a live view of the site and assess the situation. The highly trained team will determine if there is a problem and deal with it in an appropriate manner.


What if my site loses power?

The Netwatch System software, Cratos, sends an alert if the Monitoring Centre is not receiving images from your cameras. Every camera is polled every 30 seconds to check transmission of images which means that alert is transmitted if any of your cameras are down.