A Vision for the Future

By Tom Cook

As the market for intelligent solutions expands, organizations are increasingly adopting a more data-driven, proactive approach to security and safety. In this evolving landscape, technology providers are finding new ways to develop strategic initiatives that ease integration between systems and open the door to new functionalities for end users. 

Hanwha Vision (formerly Hanwha Techwin) has been a leader in the global video surveillance industry for more than 30 years, excelling in optical design, image processing, and cybersecurity technologies. Now focused on becoming a global vision solution provider, Hanwha Vision aims to deliver valuable and meaningful insights to customers through big data analytics utilizing AI and cloud technologies.

This mission aligns with Netwatch’s comprehensive approach to security, which combines the strengths of people, technology, and intelligence. Both companies understand that a proactive approach to security is essential for protecting assets and ensuring peace of mind. By integrating Netwatch’s proactive video monitoring service with Hanwha video surveillance solutions, Netwatch and Hanwha have set new standards in the security landscape and are leading the industry toward a more robust, safer world.

“We are fortunate that Netwatch found our video surveillance solutions to be an ideal fit for their intelligent video service for remote monitoring,” said Tom Cook, Vice President of Sales Americas, Hanwha Vision. “We have fully supported integrating Netwatch’s software with our cameras, and we have become their standard for camera integration in the United States.”

An Industry Revolution

The security industry is undergoing a significant transformation, becoming a dynamic source of technological innovation and business resilience. To continue this evolution, the industry must embrace digital transformation. By challenging conventional thinking and aligning with the practices of today’s most successful businesses, the physical security sector can deliver next-level insights, creating value across the organization.

AI is a core pillar of Hanwha Vision’s capabilities. The company develops its own chipsets, which are integrated into their cameras, and ensures top performance and innovation. Looking ahead, Hanwha believes that generative AI represents the future of security technology. Customizable AI that can identify anomalies and search for them across recorded times will further revolutionize the industry, Cook said, providing unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in surveillance.

“Times have changed, and physical security has evolved significantly,” said Cook. “Digital transformation is upon us, and AI is now a crucial component of our industry. By embracing AI and working with companies like Netwatch, we’re ready to ride this wave of innovation and assist integrators and end users in creating more efficient and safer environments.”

Intelligent security services, like proactive and remote video monitoring, have enabled Hanwha to gain further traction by providing solutions that open the door to new opportunities for integrators, extending their reach beyond traditional niches within the security industry. Cook said the increased reliance on remote video monitoring capabilities has significantly impacted service providers. Systems integrators are now working to offer a full breadth of cloud services and build recurring monthly revenue models — offering their clients more comprehensive and proactive security solutions and transforming how security services are delivered and managed.

One of the most prominent applications of AI in the video monitoring sector is the opportunity to build more proactive approaches to security. But, transforming the once-reactive industry into a proactive powerhouse requires significant effort. Integrators find selling a service that provides proactive security appealing. Are security practitioners on the same page? 

“Most end users are now looking for ways to use cameras for operational efficiency,” said Cook. “They’re leveraging AI and other technologies to enhance operations, reduce costs and false alarms, and prevent vandalism. Beyond security, they’re identifying issues such as conveyor belt jams or problems with expiration labels. The future is ripe for emerging use cases, and only time will tell what innovative applications businesses will develop for AI and video technology.”

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