Traditional construction site security

Construction sites, plant hire and building sites face a number of security challenges. Thieves tend to see construction sites as ‘easy marks,’ when compared with more conventional robbery targets. Most building sites are located in open areas, without the benefit of the natural security of enclosing walls and a roof.

The ever present problem of heavy-duty machinery theft, along with petty theft and vandalism continues to blight the construction and related industries. There is also a heightened duty of care to staff and public liability.

The cost of crime

The real costs of crime is the downtime and disruption to work programs resulting from thefts and vandalism. The results will be delayed schedules, reordering of materials and reputational damage.

The modern approach to construction site security

The Netwatch System is an intelligent CCTV security system proven to prevent rather than just recording crime. Traditional CCTV systems can’t stop incidents of theft, trespassing, vandalism or loitering – they simply record it for review after the fact.  In contrast, the Netwatch System allows for intervention before an incident can escalate by detecting suspicious behaviour, issuing real-time personalized audio warnings and calling in law enforcement.