Traditional CCTV systems do not prevent crime, they simply record it.  Netwatch System intervenes before a crime is committed by remotely detecting and then deterring intruders with live, personalized audio warnings.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” is how the saying goes. For Scrap Yard and Recycling businesses this could not be more true. Scrap metals prices are high, so your facility is a prime target for opportunistic criminals. Unfortunately CCTV alone cannot stop these criminals, and security guards can be intimidated by these activities.  Using the Netwatch System, suspicious activity is detected within seconds, visually verified by trained Intervention Specialists and using a live personalized audio warning, the intruders are deterred and informed that we have contacted the Police.

The system utilizes advanced-grade proprietary software, to ensure the highest level of protection for your Scrap Yard and Recycling business.