Video Security Monitoring to Protect
Automatic Car Wash Operations

Car wash operations make appealing targets for a wide variety of threats. Whether it is a full-service car wash, exterior conveyor car wash, or in-bay automatic car wash, the facilities are relatively open and easy to access. They also typically contain a variety of expensive parts and components. Because of these factors, a threat could come from an innocent group of curious individuals, a vandal intent on harm or a thief looking to steal valuable assets.

Security for the car wash industry is important, especially considering that nearly 90% of car washes are small businesses. For these owners it is imperative for operations to run smoothly and with controllable costs. When there is theft, vandalism or other damage, repairs and remediation can be expensive. Even worse, with the complexity of sourcing valuable parts and finding skilled labor to make repairs, costs can run to tens of thousands of dollars every day.



Security guard services are not always a practical option for small business owners either. Guards can be expensive – and they can present their own problems. A guard cannot be everywhere at once every minute of the day and night. They can also become inattentive at times.

The average American washes their car 13 times per year. For many, the automatic conveyor car wash or in-bay automatic car wash is the most convenient and economical solution. The in-bay facilities also save water, helping to protect the environment and support states faced with drought. For these reasons, these facilities, which are also staffed with fewer employees (or none at all) are becoming more commonplace. It is vital for them to maintain a clean operation, and protect their car wash from loiterers or vandalism in order to protect their reputation and build success.

For all these reasons and more, car wash owners need a cost-effective, efficient and powerful solution to ensure their sites are safe at all times.

The Best Security Solution for the Car Wash Industry

Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring has prevented over 125,000 crimes to date and is aligned to the unique requirements of car wash security. Our unique video surveillance system provides 24/7 protection, preventing crimes before they occur. Netwatch technology stays ahead of changing laws and regulations, ensuring car wash compliance for each state.

Netwatch can help you:

  • Protect car wash operations
  • Maintain car wash compliance
  • Protect your car wash from vandalism
  • Provide perimeter protection for your car wash
  • Prevent loitering at your car wash


According to our customers, Netwatch is a “lifesaver” that has brought them “a high level of peace of mind.” One customer even confirmed that they “have suffered no losses to such activities in 3-plus years with Netwatch – not even graffiti!” This user went on to say, “throughout 18 months of construction, in an isolated location, there was not one cent of loss! Amazing.”

Here’s how it works…

Netwatch PVM enlists the expertise of our highly trained Intervention Specialists who have specialized skillsets to detect, analyze and address potential threats as they are unfolding in real-time. This enables them to respond instantly with the best course of action to de-escalate or minimize harm to people, property, and assets.

Netwatch maintains best-in-class PVM Communication Monitoring Centers based in the United States with geo-diversity to maintain continuous vigilance of your property with full redundancy. These highly diversified and advanced security monitoring centers ensure constant and uninterrupted surveillance by our team of professionals.

PVM Communication Monitoring Centers employ cutting-edge surveillance and communication technologies including the latest advancements in AI-driven analytics, to ensure the highest levels of proactive situational awareness.

Netwatch specializes in providing security for car wash operations. By knowing the distinct security challenges and nuances of your business model, Netwatch PVM transcends traditional security services to support your distinct needs.

Perimeter and Equipment Protection for Car Washes

The key to our success in perimeter protection for car washes is the combination of our purpose-built software with the human element. We verify any potential threat and act immediately to stop criminals in their tracks. Our software ensures that verified threats are transmitted within seconds to our Monitoring Centers, allowing our Intervention Specialists to intervene before any crime is committed.


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