Protecting Law Enforcement Officers Responding to a Crime in Progress

Police officers and other first responders are some of the most heroic individuals in our society. They are the ones who run toward a threat, rather than running away. The safety and security of our population depends on their commitment to helping others.

As organizations run by caring and responsible citizens, the very least businesses can do is to implement solutions that support the activities of first responders, making it easier and safer for them to do their jobs. Today’s advanced security products can help you meet that goal in a number of ways, including

  • Alerting first responders more quickly when an incident is emerging
  • Communicating with first responders on their way to a crime scene
  • Providing first responders with actionable information
  • Updating first responders as new information is available

When you deploy today’s best communications technology, you can help law enforcement mount a response that is timely and appropriate to the situation. The best way to accomplish this is to implement proactive video monitoring. With PVM, emerging incidents can be discovered by video surveillance cameras actively scanning the premises for unauthorized motion. Intelligent software detects this kind of movement and can identify if it represents a threat. This also helps out law enforcement as it reduces the number of false or nuisance alarms they must respond to, saving time for busy officers.

Discover how you can cut costs by reducing the number of expensive unnecessary dispatches caused by false alarms.

When a true threat has been identified, it is evaluated by trained intervention specialists watching a live video feed. These specialists can then speak directly to the individuals involved, delivering a live audio warning that is highly effective and often results in the criminals leaving the premises. If they do not leave, it is at this point that law enforcement may be notified.

First responders heading to the scene of a crime are often facing unknown dangers. For them, any information about the situation, the environment, the perpetrator or any other relevant factor can be more than helpful – it can be life-saving. Proactive video monitoring offers this capability. With police officers dispatched to respond to a crime in progress, PVM specialists stay in audio and video contact with the incident until the site is secure. This enables them to provide support to authorities in real time, with additional useful information as it emerges.

For business owners who depend on the service of brave first responders, adding proactive video monitoring is the best way to protect them in return – while also protecting yourself.

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