Proactive Video Monitoring to Protect
Parking Lots and Outdoor Garages

Security for parking management companies and property owners can be challenging. Many of the traditional methods of protecting parking lots fall short. Even the best video monitoring for parking facilities may not provide the protection required to reduce the damage from crimes.

Some of the many threats to parking facilities include loiterers exhibiting unsocial behavior, thieves, and vandals who damage the premises. Challenges to parking garages and lots include their large and open perimeters, numerous entrances and often multiple levels. To directly address these problems, Proactive Video Monitoring is a unique solution, ideal for parking environments.

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Video surveillance and monitoring is a reactive solution. While it records and documents incidents, it does not prevent them from happening. Additionally, the monitoring team watching the video may lose attention and focus at times. Security guards do not solve these problems either. Because they can only be in one place at a time, criminals can easily avoid them.

The problems caused by parking facility crimes can be significant. If an incident happens, the business must try to piece together the details in order to file reports with law enforcement and insurance. They will also have to deal with any liability, and handle the repairs for broken gates, structural damage or graffiti. Shortfalls in security can also result in undetected issues such as loitering. These security failures degrade the customer experience and can alienate parking facilities’ repeat customer base, who no longer feels comfortable parking there.

Discover your parking protection solution: Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring

Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring provides you with peace of mind knowing your site locations, no matter how remote, are safe and secure. If your site perimeter is breached, an intervention specialist at one of our monitoring centers immediately addresses the intruders with a live audio warning. This live, real-time audio intervention has demonstrated a 98% efficacy rate in deterring crimes. Our software ensures that verified threats are transmitted within seconds to our state-of-the-art monitoring centers, reducing the clutter of false alarms and allowing our intervention specialists to intercede before any crime is committed.

Video surveillance only records events as they happen. By the time you become aware of the crime, the damage is done. Only Netwatch gives you a proactive solution to prevent incidents from ever occurring.

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