Proactive Video Monitoring for Retail and Shopping Centers

From stand-alone stores to multi-tenant shopping centers, retail businesses need a proven solution to combat theft, loitering, and vandalism.

Proactively Deter Crime Before it Happens with Netwatch PVM

The retail industry loses billions of dollars every year due to theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity. The costs of replacing stolen inventory and damaged property affect the bottom line and discourage customers from frequenting stores. Whether a stand-alone store or a multi-tenant shopping center, retail businesses need robust security solutions that ensure security and provide store owners and shopping center managers peace of mind.

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Common Challenges

Magnets for criminal activity and anti-social behavior, retail properties are hard to secure after-hours due to the many areas that need protection, including storefronts, multiple entries and exits, loading areas, back alleys, rooftops, and parking lots and garages. Store owners, loss prevention professionals, and shopping center managers often turn to traditional security solutions to prevent:

  • Break-ins and inventory shrinkage
  • Property theft
  • Vandalism and property damage
  • Loitering

Many retail businesses and shopping centers often turn to two traditional solutions to prevent criminal activity after-hours – passive video surveillance systems and on-site security guards.

Traditional video security solutions such as video surveillance and video verification only respond to criminal activity; they do not prevent it. Additionally, with these solutions, whether or not there is an actual threat, they will dispatch to law enforcement, potentially costing businesses expensive false alarm fees and possibly affecting future law enforcement response for real incidents.

The second solution retailers and shopping center managers employ to deter after-hours criminal activity are on-site guards and drive-by patrol services. However, guard services are limited in their effectiveness. Guards can’t be everywhere at once, so they may not be in the right place at the right time when an incident is happening. Paying thousands of dollars per month for guard services that can only respond to incidents, not prevent them, isn’t the best solution.

The Better Way to Protect Retail Properties

When it comes to retail security, the most effective solution is Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM).

Proactive Video Monitoring is not like traditional monitoring. With PVM, it’s possible to intervene before the crime happens, and prevent it from occurring. This differs from traditional monitoring, which is reactive – meaning no action is taken until during or after a crime has taken place. This can have severe consequences as theft, vandalism, violence, and other criminal activity can devastate your business financially.

With the myriad of threats to retail businesses, using traditional video surveillance only to create a record of an incident or notify authorities of what turns out to be a false alarm is no longer good enough. Netwatch PVM identifies suspicious activity or unwanted behavior the moment it’s detected and deters the intruders with live, personalized audio warnings and immediate calls to law enforcement.

Furthermore, our intelligent detection solution provides a 24/7, 365-day security guard, reducing the need for hiring security guards, potentially saving you 70-80% annually.

With over 100,000 crimes prevented to date, Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring is the proven way to protect your retail business.

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Here’s how it works…

Netwatch PVM enlists the expertise of our highly trained intervention specialists who have specialized skillsets to detect, analyze and address potential threats as they are unfolding in real-time. This enables them to respond instantly with the best course of action to de-escalate or minimize harm to people, property and assets.

Netwatch maintains best-in-class PVM Communication Monitoring Centers based in the United States with geo-diversity to maintain continuous vigilance of your property with total redundancy. These highly diversified and advanced security monitoring centers ensure constant and uninterrupted surveillance by our team of professionals.

PVM Communication Monitoring Centers employ cutting-edge surveillance and communication technologies including the latest advancements in AI-driven analytics, to ensure the highest levels of proactive situational awareness.

Netwatch specializes in providing security for commercially managed properties. By knowing the distinct security challenges and nuances of your business model, Netwatch PVM transcends traditional security services to support your distinct needs.

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