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Our Technology Partners

Using our state-of-the-art software stack and open API service layer, the Netwatch proactive monitoring platform gives you more ways to connect, view, and gain insights about the state of the security environment at your facility. Having the ability to integrate with the widest possible range of mission-critical and third-party systems is a key element in a video monitoring solution, which is why we prioritize our ongoing development and maintenance to provide users with solutions that improve overall security and efficiency. Netwatch is committed to working with best-in-class solutions in order to deliver our proactive monitoring solutions to a wide range of customers.

Our current list of Technology Integration Partners is listed below.

Enable Proactive Video Monitoring

Extend your security solution offerings to existing subscribers and provide additional value-add for customer retention.

Provide Unparalleled Intrusion Detection and Intervention

Leverage the powerful, purpose-built Netwatch Platform which combines smart analytics and highly-trained intervention specialists to intervene with live, personalized audio voice downs to prevent crime in real-time.

Keep Loiterers from Overstaying their Welcome

The Netwatch Platform quickly identifies when people overstay their welcome – live-audio warnings are issued to mitigate and safely de-escalate incidents before a crime occurs.

Introducing Camect Smart Hub Integration

About Camect

Fed up with too many security alerts and not enough security intelligence, two google computer engineers left their career jobs in 2018 to create a solution. They wanted an edge based, open ended device, compatible with nearly every camera system. One that was smart enough to transit only the alerts they needed to see, and capable of learning what to ignore. And that is what they created. Within a few years their flagship device Camect Smart Camera Hub 24MP has become one of the most raved about, in-demand solutions to the security industry. Camect continues to lead the way with award winning analytics and a false alert rate that is under 1%. Camect is sold world wide and proud to partner with Netwatch.

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Camect Smart Hub and Netwatch Integration

Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring is now fully integrated with Smart Camera Hubs from Camect to provide AI powered detection analytics. The Camect Smart Hub also acts as an NVR and a gateway to Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring. Camect Hubs work with most any ONVIF/RTSP cameras, allowing for easy integration and no need to rip and replace existing cameras.

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