While Security guards are definitely useful in the protection of a premises, there are some limiting aspects.  The Netwatch Managed Service offers:

  • Full perimeter patrol at all times
  • No intimidation/corruption worries
  • Always alert; doesn’t take a break
  • Cost effective service

The Netwatch System protects the perimeter of your business and acts like a security guard who can watch all areas at all times — but without the risk of injury, threat, injury or even death.  From the comfort and safety of our state-of-the-art Netwatch Communication Hubs, our Intervention Specialists are alerted as soon as any unauthorized activity occurs.  They go live to your site and issue stern, live, personalized audio warnings to intruders and can call in law enforcement.  We prevent crimes before the damage is done.

Utilizing the latest technology, Netwatch provides a cost effective monitored security system for a fixed daily fee. The Netwatch System offers substantial cost savings as compared to traditional Security Guards.