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Netwatch Service

Netwatch provides live remote 24/7/365 video monitoring and response security solutions in a turn-key package for an economical fixed fee, to protect client sites and prevent crime and other unwanted activity.

Netwatch Managed Service (NMS)

With Netwatch Managed Service, all aspects of the Netwatch System are owned, installed, maintained and operated by Netwatch for a unique fixed daily fee.

How it Works

The Netwatch System visually detects intruders and deters them in real-time with live, personalized audio warnings and calls to law enforcement and/or client stakeholders.

Communication Hub

Our custom-built, state-of-the-art facilities are designed to the highest International Standards, and staffed by highly-trained Intervention Specialists.

Our Industry Sectors

Netwatch USA is gaining footholds in new and different industries all the time. Here are some of our biggest sectors:

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