CCTV can be used for the detection and visual verification of heat, smoke and fire. This early detection system can be easily integrated into your existing Netwatch CCTV security system.

Using CCTV for heat, smoke and hotspot detection

There are some fascinating technologies emerging, such as those for the early detection and warning of heat, flame and smoke. Some of the industries protected by Netwatch have a real need for such systems e.g. manufacturing and waste processing facilities.

Many of these detection technologies are based around emerging technologies in the video space. The Netwatch System can take advantage of these capabilities and use them to provide critical protection against catastrophic events for a business.

Key Features:

  • Advanced smoke and analytic detection using Netwatch CRATOS Software
  • Video-based fire and hotspot detection using specialist cameras integrated with the Netwatch CRATOS suite of software
  • Monitors temperature alarms and visually verifies all alarm instances
  • Offsite monitoring of critical levels i.e. temperature
  • The cameras and systems serve as an additional safeguard and early warning system (i.e. they are not a replacement fire detection system)
  • They are best suited to industries where risk of fire is high e.g. manufacturing, waste or utilities