Do you Know who is Entering your Property?

The Netwatch License Plate Recognition (LPR) gives accurate, concise, clear data and footage. This information can be used for your security, to ensure the safety of your staff or to make informed decisions about your business.

Why People Choose Netwatch LPR

  • Allows authorized people to enter and leave the site, without the need for a manned station
  • Know within seconds when an unauthorized vehicle enters your premises
  • Have alerts sent when a vehicle from a hotlist passes the detection
  • Monitor personnel coming and going
  • Do all this using your Netwatch system

Key Features of LPR

  • Seamlessly integrates with Netwatch proprietary software
  • Can read license plates from all jurisdictions
  • Stores all information in a cloud based solution, ready for you to analyze 24/7 – real data on frequent customers, busiest time of day etc.
  • The Netwatch Monitoring Centers manage all programming of the system