Detection of Unauthorized Loitering in Monitored Areas

Loiter detection creates alerts to loitering individuals on your site, so they can be dealt with by Intervention Specialists. This gives you a convenient and safer option than intervening directly with anti-social behavior.

Why choose Netwatch Loiter Detection

  • Allows individuals access through an area, but sends alerts if individuals are loitering in excess of a predetermined period of time
  • Remote verification and intervention in anti-social behavior. Reduces the need for traditional intervention and a possible physical altercation that can commonly occur in these circumstances
  • Removes anti-social behavior occurring near your business
  • Reduces risk to property such as vandalism, graffiti or arson.

Key Features of Loiter Detection

  • Adjustable detection and selection of areas susceptible to loitering
  • Fast installation or can be applied to an existing Netwatch System
  • Remote servicing and protocol updates
  • Supports IP and Analogue cameras.