Proactive Security Program at Large Retailer Ensures Safe and Secure Store Environment


In the ever-evolving landscape of retail security, a privately-owned U.S.-based retailer has emerged as a trailblazer due to its leadership position in its target market and its approach to addressing complex safety and security concerns. This company, with more than 1,650 locations across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, previously faced a myriad of challenges typical to large retail entities. These issues, such as vandalism and theft, left the retailer in a position to find a way to mitigate these risks to protect its employees and clients, and ensure continual operational efficiency and strong brand reputation.


Team Monitoring Video Footage

Proactive Security

Netwatch empowers this retailer to be proactive with security and safety, a swift difference from the reactive strategies of the past.

Safe Operations

With Netwatch, this retailer can deliver a safe environment for its employees in a world where employee safety concerns are growing.

Security Guard Responding to Crime

Immediate Intervention

No recordings here. Live audio voicedowns stops criminal activity before loss or damage can occur. This is the Netwatch difference.

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