Criminal patterns change in the weeks surrounding the holidays. We have looked back at the criminal patterns and types of crime from Christmas 2017, to bring you our tips to secure your business over the holiday period.

Typical crime trends at Christmas

The week running up to the Holidays – In the week running up to Christmas, criminals are mainly targeting Auto Dealerships and Warehouses. Criminals target these businesses during their busiest period for the Christmas haul of cash and the valuable stock kept on site. In the week leading up to Christmas Day 2016, Netwatch recorded a 33% increase in attempted security breaches, with a third of all activity taking place between the hours of 6pm and 12am.

Christmas Eve – Intervention Specialists often observe a Mum or a Dad heading back to work on Christmas Eve to collect the hidden Christmas gifts to bring home. We don’t like giving audio warnings to busy parents so just give us a call before you go on site!

Christmas Day – One nice thing is that it seems even criminals like to take a break on Christmas day. The level of malicious security breaches is generally not that high. Although, there is the issue of the general public being out and about, going for walks, testing out new bikes or drones. This activity can end up causing alarms on some client sites, but our Intervention Specialists are specially trained to verify any potential threats.