Netwatch is the World Leader in Proactive Video Monitoring

Netwatch is the leading Proactive Video Monitoring solution provider, with specialist Monitoring Centers.  This, in combination with our cutting edge CRATOS software suite, best-in-class equipment and experienced staff, has enabled us to provide our high-quality, customized security solutions.

The Netwatch System has become the technology product of choice for protecting critical infrastructure in Ireland and the USA.  It delivers live, remote 24/7/365 video monitoring and response service in a turn-key package for an economical fixed daily fee.

  • One of the more distinct features of the Netwatch System is the live, personalized audio warnings that can be broadcast to deter intruders from your business site.  See How It Works.
  • Our purpose-built Monitoring Centers remain the envy of the industry.  See more info here.
  • Our Intervention Specialists are specially-trained to handle all sorts of incidents.  See more info here.
  • Supercharged proprietary detection and analytics software allows Netwatch to eliminate 90% of false alarms and send only verified incidents to Monitoring Centers, helping us to attain the fastest response times on the market.  See more info here.