Netwatch is passionate about technology and innovative thinking.

As an international company, just keeping the information from thousands of different sites across the globe, organized and handled in a uniform and scalable manner is a huge technological undertaking which required many innovations.  But Netwatch utilizes technology and innovation in every single aspect of our business – from the hardware we utilize to the software that we develop.

To continuously improve our offering, maintain our competitive edge, and meet/surpass client expectations, Netwatch actively invests in research and development.  Netwatch Visual Labs Ltd, is a team of experienced and enthusiastic research engineers who constantly find ways to improve the Netwatch system and service.  This dedicated team has contributed greatly to Netwatch’s exponential growth in the international technology market through the development of a suite of products that create the most effective detection and transmission on the market.  Our proprietary software is specifically designed to filter out nuisance alarms, thus providing an exceptionally rapid response to real intrusions.  Thanks to this continued research and development, Netwatch offers the fastest response time on the market.