Security Monitoring for
Construction Sites

Construction sites typically attract attention from a wide variety of different people. Passersby are often interested in seeing what’s being built and getting a peek at the work in progress. Other businesses in the area want to know how their neighborhood is going to change and if it will affect their operations. Residents are concerned about views, neighbors, traffic and other localized factors.

Criminals are perhaps the most interested of everyone in construction jobs in progress. For them, the site represents opportunity. The equipment, tools and building materials are prime targets for theft, as many of them are high in value. Vandals also enter job sites simply to make trouble by running equipment, breaking things and generally causing mayhem. Even without the intent to commit other crimes, trespassers can damage building materials and gear, or injure themselves and initiate a civil lawsuit.


Liability, vandalism and theft on job sites are just some of the risks faced by construction professionals. These risks can cost you millions of dollars in losses every year, even with insurance. And if your claims or damages get too high, your insurance premiums will rise accordingly.

The Challenge of Securing a Construction Site

Job sites are difficult to secure. Traditional security options like perimeter fencing, video surveillance and motion alarms are not effective for construction for a number of reasons:

  • Even when properly placed and maintained, video cameras document activity but do not prevent crime
  • Fencing and other obstacles can be easily bypassed
  • On-site security guards are expensive and can become fatigued with a loss in attentiveness
  • When there is an incident, filling out a report is labor-intensive and there can be gaps in evidence

Protecting Construction Sites Against Crime

Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring is the best way to ensure construction sites are safe and secure. With our purpose-built platform, Netwatch PVM leverages smart technology along with dedicated specialists to protect your site against crime.

Our agents monitor your site for any unauthorized behavior. When suspicious activity is detected, it is verified by our team of specialists who immediately deliver a live, personalized audio warning while also notifying police. 

After the incident is resolved, a complete incident report is automatically issued with a detailed account, timestamp and the actions taken by our team of specialists. Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring helps construction companies and developers ensure their sites, equipment, building materials are secure and protected 24/7.

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