Everything You Need to Know About High-Value RMR But Were Afraid to Ask

Conversations with Visionary Security Leader Bill Bozeman

As we continue to see the recurring monthly revenue (RMR) business model become more prominent in the security industry, it’s natural to have questions about what this concept means and how it plays out for all stakeholders involved. We partnered with industry visionary and Netwatch board of advisors, Bill Bozeman, to dive into how integrators can break down the importance of high-value RMR.

Join Netwatch’s Justin Wilmas, President of Netwatch North America, and Bill Bozeman as we share a series of in-depth conversations around the following topics (and address common questions related to how exactly RMR works):

Understanding High-Value RMR Solutions

PVM as a High-Value RMR Solution

Overcoming Obstacles in Adopting PVM


Understanding High-Value RMR Solutions

RMR – what is it? Why is it important? Where does Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM) fit into the conversation for high-value RMR? Register below for our first session where Justin Wilmas, President of Netwatch North America and Bill Bozeman, former President and CEO of PSA Security and current Netwatch Group Board Member, walks us through the importance of a high-value RMR solution, what characteristics to look for when choosing a solution, and what next steps you can take. 

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Understanding High-Value RMR
Featuring Bill Bozeman and Justin Wilmas

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