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Proactive Video
Monitoring is a purpose-built platform designed to stop crimes before they happen.

Our personalized audio responses stop the crime 98% of the time.

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Protecting 250,000+ sites for businesses around the World.


How Our System Works

Stop Crime Before it Happens

I felt it important to increase BELD’s physical security at our unmanned substations. We chose the Netwatch powered system, which, turns out, is an excellent fit for BELD – or any utility – as it provides 24-hour security. When an incident occurs, the Intervention Specialists contact our on-call supervisor and the police if necessary.

William Bottiggi, General Manager
BELD – Braintree Electric & Light Department


Netwatch Platform

Driving the Netwatch platform is our cutting-edge software stack, continually evolving as we implement additional new technologies. To enable you to integrate with the greatest number of security and business systems, we maintain an open API service layer as a fundamental element of our offering.

The accuracy of our filtering software is continually improving, powered by machine learning that accelerates reaction times while reducing the number of false and nuisance alarms. It’s what makes it possible for our Netwatch Intervention Specialists to meet standards you won’t find anywhere else.

Access and manage all live cameras at any time, from any location.

Gain complete visibility and control of all sites from a single interface using Netwatch’s web and mobile apps. These apps are an essential component of the Netwatch Platform and a key differentiator between our service and the competition.

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Why Choose Netwatch?

Netwatch is a World Leader in Proactive Video Monitoring

We protect property, create safe workplaces and ensure business continuity. Our expert Intervention Specialists direct operations remotely from Monitoring Centers, 24/7, visually verifying intruders and intervening with a live, audio warning to prevent criminal activity from taking place.

   Deter Theft or Damage

   De-escalate trespassing

   Safely reduce loitering

   Augment guard services

   Future-proof security

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