Uncompromised Protection with Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring.

Harnessing the protective power of proactive video monitoring to create a fearless environment.

Proactive Video Monitoring is a purpose-built platform designed to stop crimes before they happen.

Our personalized audio responses stop the crime 98% of the time.

Protecting 250,000+ sites for businesses around the World.



Netwatch: Superior Crime Prevention at a Fraction of the Cost of Physical Guards


Netwatch’s purpose-built platform leverages AI-based analytics to detect unauthorized activity and escalate alerts in real-time.


Immediate intervention with personalized audio voice downs issued when unwanted activity is detected, with a 98% efficacy rate in preventing the incident.


Within 24 hours, an incident report is provided, detailing the event and providing key forensic information for reporting and insurance purposes.


Netwatch | Empowering Safety through Immediate Intervention

Netwatch is a tech-enabled service that harnesses the power of AI and a purpose-built platform to detect and prevent threats. Immediate audible warnings are issued to alert individuals, and personalized audio warnings continue until the situation is resolved. This deters criminals, achieving a 98% prevention rate.

Immediate intervention issued to unwanted intruders and threats

Safely de-escalate loitering, trespassing and other anti-social behaviors

Up to 80% cost savings over physical guards

98% efficacy rate in preventing crimes

Significant reduction in false alarms


Tech-Enabled Services and Integrations

Purpose-built Platform Designed to Prevent Crime

Our proactive monitoring platform puts action and information at your fingertips. Our state-of-the-art tech-enabled software stack uses machine learning to continually improve performance and accuracy. And an open API service layer makes it easier to integrate with virtually any outside application.


Partnering with Best-in-Class Solutions

Netwatch is primed to work with best-in-class security solution leaders, including vendors like Camect, Hanwha Vision, Magos, Eagle Eye, and more.

Providing Convenient Add-on Services to Close the Security Loop

Netwatch provides solutions to meet the ever-evolving security needs of our customers including a Staff Security Solution, Access Control, and More.

Netwatch Staff Safety-1

I felt it important to increase BELD’s physical security at our unmanned substations. We chose the Netwatch powered system, which, turns out, is an excellent fit for BELD – or any utility – as it provides 24-hour security. When an incident occurs, the Intervention Specialists contact our on-call supervisor and the police if necessary.

William Bottiggi, General Manager
BELD – Braintree Electric & Light Department

Netwatch Offering Uncompromised Protection.
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