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Monitoring & Response Security Solutions

Netwatch provides live, remote video monitoring and
response security services to protect client sites by
preventing crime and other unwanted activity.

How We Protect Your Business


The Netwatch System is customizable and therefore, different for each client. Our knowledgeable and experienced team takes into account a client’s unique needs and objectives to design the most effective system for you.


After the system is designed, it’s installation time. Our professional engineers have hundreds of site installations under their belts and work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get your system up and running.


Once your system is live, the cameras feed images through our proprietary software to detect suspicious movement. Within seconds, the live feed is sent to our Intervention Specialists to watch and act if necessary.


Under the Netwatch Managed Service, we take care of all maintenance and upgrades to the software and hardware. And besides daily health checks, the system is pinged every 30 seconds to check connections.


Netwatch guarantees the system hardware, software and
all client-agreed-upon protocols for the life of the agreement.

Our Industry Sectors

Netwatch USA is gaining footholds in new and different industries all the time. Here are some of our biggest sectors:

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