Stop People from Loitering Outside Your Facility with Loiter Detection

Loiterers raise the possibility of risk for your organization. When people are lingering outside your store, office building or another facility, it could just be to socialize – but it could also lead to vandalism or be the site of criminal activity, violence or other unwanted incidents.


The best way to eliminate loitering is to detect when loiterers are present and take swift action to move them off the property. This provides a number of benefits, helping your business to:

Improve Your Image

Anti-social behavior and loitering can give your potential customers and partners a negative perception of your business. A loiter detection solution can record, intervene and stop this behavior on your site. This helps create a safe and positive perception of your business to people as they approach or drive past the premises.

Protect Law Enforcement or Other Responders

A first responder to anti-social behavior is often in a dangerous position. They can run the risk of being attacked or verbally abused. By issuing an audio warning and calling police to the scene if the situation escalates, a loiter detection solution can reduce the risk of intervention by managing it remotely.

Make Open Areas Safer for the Public

Many businesses have walkways or areas that are accessible to the public which can be attractive gathering spots for loiterers. You can create a more welcoming environment with a loiter detection solution that will detect when individuals in a publicly accessible area have exceeded a specified period of time. At that point, a trained intervention specialist will intervene and speak them through the address system.

Save Costs on Loitering Detection Technology

Our loiter detection solution integrates seamlessly with the award-winning Netwatch System. You simply select the technology you need, and let Netwatch look after the rest. We design, install monitor, maintain and guarantee.


Loiter Detection alerts Netwatch to loitering individuals on your site, so that our intervention specialists can deal with them directly. This gives you a safer and more convenient option than interceding directly with anti-social behavior.

Why Netwatch Clients are Choosing Loiter Detection

  • Allows individuals access through an area, but alerts Netwatch of loitering in excess of a predetermined period of time
  • Remote verification and intervention in anti-social behavior
  • Reduces the need for traditional intervention and a possible physical altercation that can commonly occur in these circumstances
  • Removes anti-social behavior occurring near your business
  • Reduces risk to property such as vandalism, graffiti or arson

Key Features of Loiter Detection

  • Adjustable detection and selection of areas susceptible to loitering
  • Remote servicing and protocol updates
  • Supports IP and analog cameras
  • Ability to distinguish between people and animals

Learn more today about Loiter Detection and keep lingerers off your property!

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