Protecting Public Utilities and Substations with Video Monitoring Services

Protecting public utility companies is a challenging task. Because of the nature of their operations, downtime for utility companies has a much more significant impact than for other types of organizations. Public utilities, managed utilities and utility cooperatives include natural gas, electricity, telephone, water, solar and wind facilities — all of these are vital infrastructure to supply businesses, governments and communities. Even a brief interruption could potentially have a catastrophic impact on human life and the economy. Their vital nature can also make utility companies a target for acts of vandalism or terror.


The facilities are often unmanned, are typically located in remote areas, and may be widely spread across disparate locations. There may be outdoor equipment that is not housed inside any kind of structure. These physical elements, as well as personnel working on the premises, all require security. At the same time, the utility companies must maintain regulatory compliance with NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection) and other regulations. They also must manage their business needs.

When a utility does suffer a breach or other criminal incident, the cost of repairs can be significant. This is compounded by the losses due to downtime, as well as potential hikes in insurance premiums. The facility, owners, and managers may also face liability.

For all of these reasons, it is essential to have a public utility agency monitoring company that can deliver a customized approach to protect the facility against risk.

Shortfalls of Video Surveillance and Security Guards

Many utility companies continue to rely on traditional security solutions like cameras and on-site security guards. However, these solutions leave a number of gaps, which become apparent quickly as soon as an incident occurs. These include:

  • Cameras are reactive and document crime rather than preventing it
  • Security guards can be extremely costly and cannot be in all places at once
  • Fencing and other obstacles can be circumvented
  • Reporting incidents is a labor-intensive process and may leave gaps in evidence

Proactive Video Monitoring for Utilities

The best solution for protecting utilities is proactive video monitoring, or PVM. Active 24/7 and 365 days a year, this solution leverages smart technology through a purpose-built platform and dedicated, highly-trained agents monitoring unwanted behavior


Once suspicious activity is detected, it is verified by a team of specialists who deliver a live-personalized audio warning, deterring the unwanted behavior while also notifying police. When the incident is resolved, a complete incident report is automatically issued to provide a detailed account of the events, timestamps and the actions taken by our team of specialists.

By leveraging proactive video monitoring, utility companies can augment their guard services at remote locations. This is a significant advantage for facilities that can be located in remote, hard-to-reach areas, with perimeters that are often difficult to walk.

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