Intelligent Alarm Machine Learning System

A key component of the Netwatch Platform is our AI-based, Intelligent Alarm Learning System. The highly intelligent automated alarm monitoring solution incorporates innovative alarm event filtering software unlike any other technology in the industry. It streamlines the flow of live incidents across thousands of location sites effectively increasing response times and eliminating false and nuisance alarms. These improvements in alarm management and processing technology dramatically improve accuracy and quality, enabling the Netwatch team of highly experienced Intervention Specialists to deliver the highest-level results and customer protections.

Machine Learning Enhances Alarm Monitoring Services

Machine learning is ever-evolving, ever-learning and becoming more sophisticated as advanced algorithms using artificial neural network processing technology “learn” to distinguish between different types of alarms and associated data to determine why they were triggered. Such levels of AI allow the Netwatch Alarm Learning System Platform to determine which alarms are deemed as nuisance or false versus events that require immediate attention.

Machine learning is the ideal complement to experienced security personnel, as the human eye can only detect so much information in a scene before key incidents are missed. It allows multiple events and large volumes of data exhibiting myriad patterns and trends to be analyzed to detect anomalies that may not be apparent to a human.

For instance, a machine learning program may successfully pinpoint a causal relationship between two events, mining the data on a continual and ongoing basis to make an informed determination about an otherwise undetected situation – all in real time. This ability to quickly and accurately identify and classify events as nuisance, false, or real is a key advantage of machine learning.

The machine learning Netwatch Alarm Learning System Platform provides our highly trained Intervention Specialists with a queue of alarms requiring immediate attention, allowing them to focus on real issues, real threats, and begin to take immediate steps to deter those threats.

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