Netwatch Services – from Proactive Video Monitoring to Integration

Your end-to-end security solution begins here. Netwatch does it all – we will design, install, monitor and maintain the ideal security system to meet your needs. Take a closer look at some of our premier services and let’s start a conversation about reducing risk for your business.

Proactive Video Monitoring

Discover how PVM can stop a would-be criminal in their tracks and prevent crime before it happens.

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Incident Reporting

Within 24 hours of an incident, detailed reports are made available through the web and mobile apps – providing critical data for audits and insurance.

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Loiter Detection

Stop people from loitering outside your facility and negatively impacting the image and safety of your personnel, customers and business.

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Perimeter Protection

Proactively monitor your perimeter and all external areas of the premises to identify, assess and address potential threats immediately.

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