Self-Service Web and Mobile Apps Add Video Monitoring Functionality

How does your video monitoring platform manage the most important functions?

We are in an era of self-service and convenience. There is no longer a need for a professional operator to stand in an elevator and press the buttons for you. Free-spinning wheeled luggage has made bellboys virtually obsolete. Secretaries have been superseded by computers, email and document handling machines. In today’s world, many of the actions you take in the course of a day are simply easier, faster and more efficient for you to do yourself.

Your video monitoring provider should offer that same kind of self-service to the user. This functionality, offered by Netwatch, is built into our platform and available in both web and mobile apps. These apps are an essential component of the Netwatch Platform and a key differentiator between our service and the competition.


Netwatch Web and Mobile Apps for Added Functionality

The Netwatch Experience | Web App

Our interactive web and mobile apps provide robust and convenient self-serve functionality for a wide range of actions, including:

Live Camera View

Access all live cameras at any time, from any location.

Visitor Access

Create visitor passes for a seamless visit. This function also provides an audit trail, addressing key compliance concerns for many industries.

Contact Management

Quickly update contacts in the system. Ensure a smooth transition and backup when team members go on holiday or leave an organization.


Quickly arm/disarm a camera or update arming/disarming schedules of Netwatch-protected cameras

Flexible Zoning

Group cameras into zones for independent arming/disarming by group.

Multi-Site Management

Gain access to all sites from a single interface and login. The interface makes it easy to toggle between sites.

Incident Reports

Within 24 hours of an incident, a report is generated, emailed and posted to the Web App. This enables easy access to critical reports needed for forensics, investigations, and insurance purposes.

Site Health Monitoring

Equipment and connectivity status is monitored and flagged when issues are detected and provided as alerts through the Dashboard.

Raise a Service Request

Have a camera that needs service? Or detect another issue that needs immediate service? Simply and easily raise a ticket request through the web or mobile app.

Site Security Map and Design

Available to our partners; this includes the ability to upload engineering maps and/or use our tools to create a Site Security Map of your location(s).

With Netwatch self-service web and mobile apps, users can log in any time, from any location and perform key functions. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to manage your video monitoring solution.

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