What to Expect at ISC West 2024

ISC West is more than just the most significant security event of the year; it’s an opportunity to witness the future of the security industry unfolding before your very eyes. ISC West presents a chance to forecast the direction the security industry is taking based on the solutions that exhibitors present each year. In 2024, integrators and dealers will have diverse new technologies to consider. Join us in looking at what the security industry can expect from video monitoring at ISC West 2024.

AI-Powered Threat Detection
In recent years, service providers have emphasized integrating AI into security software to stay ahead of potential risks. AI can detect suspicious behaviors that may lead to theft and vandalism. By catching potential threats with AI, security operators can take action before any impact occurs. You’ll see it on the show floor: AI  will remain an industry-wide priority at ISC West 2024, evolving from an emerging trend into an industry mainstay.

Reducing Costs with Scalable Solutions
In the modern world, developing solutions that scale to fit a variety of environments is essential. By offering scalable solutions, businesses can realize the flexibility to operate according to the size and complexity of varying sites, ensuring businesses can effectively protect their assets and personnel without going over budget. In an era where users must balance budgetary constraints and operational effectiveness, scalable options are becoming indispensable tools for maintaining a secure environment for organizations at every level, now and into the future.

Keeping Ahead of the Curve
Intelligent solutions are driving change in the security industry in response to the limitations of traditional video surveillance. While older methods primarily document crimes after they happen, they fail to address the root issue of preventing incidents altogether. Determined intruders can easily bypass physical barriers like perimeter fencing. 

Enter a world of proactive options. Proactive video solutions offer a practical alternative by taking preemptive action before incidents occur. Unlike reactive approaches, proactive surveillance use emerging technologies like AI to detect and respond to potential threats in real-time, effectively deterring criminal activities before they escalate. Proactive solutions are on the rise industry-wide, and we will see this reflected at ISC West 2024.

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