Live from Netwatch, it’s PVM!

We’re watching the future of video monitoring solutions unfold in real time, and proactive solutions like Netwatch PVM are taking center stage. While video verification services have been the traditional choice for after-hours security for many years, it’s time to acknowledge its limitations and opt for a more proactive approach to safeguarding people, assets, perimeters, and infrastructures. Why? Let’s review the ways in which PVM hits RVM out of the park.

Traditional video monitoring often falls short in preventing crimes. It merely documents criminal activities rather than deterring them in the first place. Moreover, relying solely on security officers can be risky since they can’t be omnipresent and may be prone to fatigue or distractions. Additionally, determined intruders can easily bypass perimeter fencing and other obstacles. Quite simply, it’s time for a change.

Enter PVM — we’re different. Unlike its reactive counterpart, PVM doesn’t wait for incidents to happen; it nips them in the bud. Here’s how it works.

Game-Changing Monitoring
Proactive video monitoring employs intelligent software integrated with AI to detect potential threats swiftly and accurately. The Netwatch platform seamlessly connects with your existing video surveillance system, using sophisticated algorithms to analyze video feeds for signs of unauthorized activity. When PVM detects an anomaly, specially-trained Netwatch operators are alerted to verify the situation and decide how to address the situation.

Then, the fun starts. Netwatch operators issue live audio warnings addressed directly to trespassers, advising them to vacate the premises immediately. In most cases, these personalized warnings are enough to deter criminals on the spot. For those undeterred, pre-determined protocols are executed, whether it’s notifying law enforcement, alerting stakeholders, or taking other necessary actions to neutralize the threat. Response is also customizable to your particular environment.

After an intervention, incident reporting is streamlined with Netwatch’s PVM service, offering significant advantages over traditional monitoring. Reports are generated within 24 hours, eliminating the time-consuming and labor-intensive process associated with legacy monitoring services. By creating incident reports within a day, Netwatch eliminates delays and ensures timely documentation of security events. This approach minimizes gaps in evidence or timelines, enhancing the overall effectiveness and reliability of incident reporting.

This extensive process is designed to remove the burden of security interventions and the cleanup that follows from organizations that would otherwise spend valuable time recovering from these events. At Netwatch, we understand the best way to avoid spending time and money on interventions and repair fees is to step in before incidents can escalate to cause damage to user businesses.

Why is PVM the Future?
That’s a great question, and the answer is actually quite simple. PVM filters out nuisance alarms with AI, ensuring prompt response to genuine threats while saving valuable time. By intervening before crimes occur, rather than reacting to them afterward, PVM drastically reduces the likelihood of financial losses due to vandalism, theft, or other criminal activities.

So, why choose Netwatch? Because with Netwatch, you get more than security — you get peace of mind. With immediate intervention, cutting-edge technology, highly-trained specialists, and advanced mobile applications, Netwatch is the global leader in crime prevention and has held this role for almost two decades. Don’t wait until it’s too late; start reducing your risk now.

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