Braintree Electric: Adding Value with Proactive Video Monitoring

In today’s fast-paced world, where technological advancements are reshaping industries at an unprecedented rate, the energy sector is no exception to the winds of change. Amid this transformation, Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) has emerged as a beacon of innovation, embracing cutting-edge solutions to bolster security, enhance operational efficiency, and reinforce its commitment to service excellence.

Founded in 1892, BELD has a rich history in the energy sector, serving approximately 16,500 customers across Massachusetts. This municipal utility division has stood the test of time, continuously adapting to meet the community’s evolving needs. Over the years, their services expanded beyond power distribution to telecommunications, high-speed internet, cable TV, and telephone services. However, in its journey toward the future, BELD recognized the significance of effectively securing its substations and ensuring the safety of its assets and the communities it serves.

Safeguarding Substations in an Evolving Landscape
With the rise of incidents like trespassing, break-ins, and copper thefts plaguing substations across the country, BELD faced an imperative challenge – proactively securing its facilities and mitigating potential risks. While video surveillance cameras were in place at its main facility, the substations, particularly those not permanently staffed, required a more robust security solution.

Enter PVM
BELD decided to partner with Netwatch, a leading video monitoring and security solutions provider, to help achieve more proactive approach to its security programs. This strategic move marked a turning point in BELD’s security strategy, introducing 24/7 proactive video monitoring services to its substations. The impact was profound – BELD’s management gained a heightened sense of comfort after seeing the results of constant surveillance of substation sites.

PVM goes beyond video monitoring – it’s an active, immediate deterrent. The solution’s machine learning software detects security breaches and alerts Netwatch operators in real time. These operators then communicate directly with the intruders by identifying information and location, and urge them to vacate the premises. This immediate, live response significantly reduces the opportunity for potential threats to escalate and enhances the overall security posture.

Proactive Video Monitoring’s Unique Value Proposition
Proactive video monitoring is a game-changer for BELD. This intelligent service combines round-the-clock video monitoring with live operators and immediate, live voicedowns, creating a robust safety net against potential security incidents. The system’s embedded machine learning software detects unauthorized activities and alerts Netwatch operators for swift intervention. This is particularly crucial for remote substations where on-premises security personnel are limited.

As incidents were resolved and threats neutralized, the PVM service provided comprehensive reporting options. Netwatch quickly produced precise incident reports, offering detailed accounts of events with timestamps and the actions taken by off-site monitoring teams. This documentation served as a record of incidents and contributed to the continuous improvement of security measures.

Enhancing Security and Minimizing Losses
The integration of Netwatch’s monitoring service yielded remarkable results. PVM deterred unauthorized access to substations and mitigated the risk of copper theft. This partnership prevented potential damages to critical infrastructure and safeguarded the company from significant financial losses. BELD’s commitment to innovation and security further led to exploring gunfire detection systems to mitigate active shooter incidents, showcasing their dedication to the utmost safety.

The Path Forward
Braintree Electric continues trailblazing in the energy sector, closely monitoring emerging trends and threats. Its driven involvement with industry action agencies and partnerships with local associations reflects a proactive stance towards enhancing security measures and sharing best practices. The success of Netwatch’s implementation has positioned BELD as a beacon of reliability in the energy industry.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, the partnership between Braintree Electric and Netwatch underscores the transformative capabilities of strategic investments in advanced security solutions. By staying at the forefront of innovation, BELD ensures the safety of its personnel and assets and reiterates its commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective power to its valued customers. As the energy sector continues to evolve, such partnerships serve as a model for others to navigate future challenges with innovation and resilience.

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