Don’t Be Frightened by Crime this Halloween

There is nothing quite like Halloween to add a level of fright to the upcoming weekend. Whether it’s the sugar rush, the scary and busy parties, the crazy costumes and influx of people out and about, Halloween certainly brings out our mischievous nature. But don’t fright, our Intervention Specialists may see a 40-50-percent increase in unwanted activities at this time of year, but they are trained and ready to help prevent any long-standing impacts from the holiday.

From excessive loitering and trespassing to vandalism and theft, crime prevention is always challenging when more people are out and about. While our team will remain on high alert to help you maintain safety, this event also marks a great opportunity for businesses to take extra care and review important safety protocols. Here are some of the recommendations we’re serving up this Halloween.

  • Secure valuables: If you have loose materials or vehicles on premise, make sure they are locked, stored, and are within well-lit areas.
  • Keep the perimeter well lit: Keeping lights on overnight will prevent accidents and deter vandals. Motion sensor floodlights will also deter activity while conserving energy.
  • Limit access: Keep entryways locked and be certain to secure windows. Maintain and manage who has access.
  • Review your security plan: Test alarms and review your entire security infrastructure. Update software and ensure failed devices are fixed and online to monitor for activity.
  • Train employees: Criminals often investigate an area before committing a crime. Educate your employees to watch for suspicious behavior and have a proactive plan to deal with these any bad actors.
  • Celebrate safely: If your business is hosting a Halloween party, ensure that your fire protection system is effective and operating properly. Ensure that fire escapes are clearly marked, fire extinguishers are in the proper places, and do not hang any decorations from ceiling smoke detectors or sprinklers.

Halloween is a great holiday, but it is also one of the more challenging celebrations to ensure safety and security. Remember, it is critical to remain vigilant and be prepared. Once you’ve checked those boxes off, we wish you a safe and have a frightfully fun Halloween!