Halloween 2023: Spellbinding Security Tips in the Midst of Mischief

When the shadows grow longer and the nights turn chillier, it’s a sign – Halloween is lurking around the corner! It’s the season of pumpkin-spiced mischief, where goblins roam and witches take flight. As thrilling as it is to chase candy highs, attend spooktacular parties, and parade in bewitching costumes, the paranormal fun does come with its own set of (not-so-supernatural) challenges.

But don’t get caught in a witch’s web of worry! While our Intervention Specialists have spotted some ghoulish activities rising by 40-50% during the haunted season, they’re equipped with their own magic (and training) to ensure no dark spells linger post-Halloween.

Even as vampires, werewolves, and zombies fill the streets, keeping a keen (third) eye on security is essential. Our team remains on high alert, ready to banish any unwelcome spirits. Plus, this eerie time presents businesses with a chance to dust off the cobwebs and sprinkle some protective magic. Here’s our cauldron of tricks and treats for Halloween 2023:
  • Secure valuables: If you have loose materials or vehicles on premise, make sure they are locked, stored, and are within well-lit areas.
  • Keep the perimeter well lit: Keeping lights on overnight will prevent accidents and deter vandals. Motion sensor floodlights will also deter activity while conserving energy.
  • Limit access: Keep entryways locked and be certain to secure windows. Maintain and manage who has access.
  • Review your security plan: Test alarms and review your entire security infrastructure. Update software and ensure failed devices are fixed and online to monitor for activity.
  • Train employees: Criminals often investigate an area before committing a crime. Educate your employees to watch for suspicious behavior and have a proactive plan to deal with these any bad actors.
  • Celebrate safely: If your business is hosting a Halloween party, ensure that your fire protection system is effective and operating properly. Ensure that fire escapes are clearly marked, fire extinguishers are in the proper places, and do not hang any decorations from ceiling smoke detectors or sprinklers.
In the dance of shadows and moonlight, Halloween surely is a mesmerizing night. Amidst all the enchantment, let’s not forget the importance of mixing safety spells into our celebration. With your wards up and your magical list ticked off, we wish you a bewitching Halloween!