Hey, I’m Talking to You!

We understand. Getting people to try and embrace change is difficult, primarily when they are used to doing things a specific way for so long. As a technology innovator, this is one of our biggest challenges. We’re trying to convince end customers and installation partners to change their “religion” by embracing a new type of video monitoring. And this is not easy. Because many of our partners are traditional alarm dealers, we’re trying to get them to transform their business by offering more tech-enabled services. It is much more complex than trying to sell an intrusion alarm system. At the same time, we’re delivering new technologies to businesses. But we’re up for the challenge.

This blog, onboarding programs, onsite and virtual training, and other educational efforts are essential. We’re not a traditional monitoring service, and we’re not video verification. We are proactive video monitoring. We’re flipping the conventional alarm process and monitoring services on its head.

How? The big difference is our live monitoring is supported by live personalized audio talk downs. Our advanced detection software behind high-quality IP cameras ensures that any movement on your property is viewed in real-time by our intervention specialists, challenged with a personalized audio warning, and responded to by your customized requirements.

What does that look like? When one of our interview specialists sees an intruder on a customer site, they deliver a live verbal warning. Let us be clear: this is not a recorded message. This is a live audio voice down provided by an operator within our 24/7 monitoring center who can point out specifics about the situation, such as, “you in the red, hooded sweatshirt, you are unauthorized to be on this property.” Another example is, “please step away from the blue Nissan Titan truck; you are trespassing.” If the intruder does not respond, our operators take additional steps to inform them that this is a live situation where the authorities will be notified. “I see you have not left the premises; I will be contacting the authorities with your physical description” is one idea of a follow-up.

These specifics prevent crime because the perpetrators now know that they are being watched by a live operator who can engage in a higher level of response. Specific details are what make the difference. And 98% of the time, these live voice-downs prevent further criminal activity. Video verification or pre-recorded voice downs do not have the same impact. Video verification and traditional video monitoring solutions are reactive and can only document incidents. Proactive video monitoring focuses on preventing crime before intruders can damage your business.

We know this is a new way to approach security, but we’re determined to help our customers and partners understand the value this service can deliver. We’ve got your back every step of the way.